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International Security Consultant

  • Threat Assessments

  • Hostage Negotiations

  • Anti-kidnapping Training

  • Rescue/Recovery

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • National Security

  • Intelligence

  • Lecturing



Cesar Paz, Ecuadorian born, is a graduate of the University of Utah.  He graduated from the U.S. Immigration Service (USINS), U.S. Border Patrol Academy (USBP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy. He has addressed church groups, university audiences, U.S. Ambassadors, foreign government officials and diplomats. 


Special assignments as an FBI General Police Instructor have taken him to the far corners of the world to train foreign police.  He has participated in international operations and trials involving drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnappings, and terrorism.


His endless experiences of over 22 years range from undercover work infiltrating criminal and terrorist organizations, investigating airline bombing overseas, fighting narco-terrorism in South America, Canada and the Caribbean, to engaging in the war against terrorism in the Middle East.  

Work with Me


Our consulting team is an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of fields in the law enforcement, security and intelligence industries.


  • Presidential Protective Details & Motorcade Protection

  • S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

  • Fugitives

  • Hostage Negotiation

  • White Slavery & Human Trafficking

  • Kidnapping for Ransom

  • International/Domestic Drug Trafficking, 
Money Laundering - Black Market Peso

  • Undercover Support

  • Maritime Drug Smuggling Operations

  • Interview & Interrogation


  • Polygraph examinations

  • Terrorism

  • Radical Groups 

  • Gangs 

  • Organized Crime

  • Covert CCTV, Physical & Electronic Surveillance (Hidden Transmitters & Electronic Bugs)

  • Electronic Data Recovery and Imaging of Computer Files & E-mail

  • Document Examination


Philosophy and Mission


To provide reliable, accurate, consulting services to corporate entities, business sector, private individuals and foreign police.


My network of associates are highly-educated, trained, and experienced former Special Agents of the FBI or other federal agencies.  As consultants, investigators or trainers, they keep apprised of all changes in the law, tactics, and advancements in law enforcement or the security industry.


Our consultancy firm focuses purely on the requirements, needs, and goals of our clients. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles.


We practice a transparent business model, keeping our clientele fully informed of the entire consultation process.  Our clients comprehend all aspects of the association before any commitments are solidified.  We strive for long-term relationships with clients who are willing to attain their objectives with our help.


Loyalty is the foundation of our practice.


We meet or exceed each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments. Adhering to our statements and promises is not a point to be pondered; it is an automatic reaction.

Let's Get Started

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